Beta-version released on

The beta-version of Prot pi could be deployed earlier than scheduled.

Major improvements:

  • A completely new and clearly laid out home-page allows you a simple and straightforward navigation.
  • Thumbnails with a summary of newest posts on Blog pi keeps you up to date with the latest changes on Prot pi.
  • You can find partners and legal responsibility on About site.
  • For comments and questions you can use the contact form on Contact site
  • You have the possibility to register and log in on Prot pi to get faster processing of your data. For simplicity you can log in with your Google, Facebook or Microsoft credentials.

Minor changes:

Enjoy using Prot pi!

About Prot pi

Prot pi is the official administrator of the blog and the entire site. All posts of this author are in some way related to the functionality of Prot pi or the administration of Blog pi.

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Gilles Stüssi
Gilles Stüssi
21. January 2015 23:30

Hello Prot pi team and Blog pi authors!

As this is the only post I understand (in school chemistry only my ambitions were lower than my grades) I’d like to leave my congrats here for the fabulous result of your hard work. It is nice to see a tool evolving to a veritable toolbox – developed by pro’s for pro’s.

keep on chaining all this tiny molecules and have fun!