Enhanced processing power for faster calculations

The new version of Prot pi is released on 15 March 2015. In this version several computationally expensive procedures were optimized for more efficiency. The overall calculation time is now shortened by up to a factor of five.

Major improvements

  • Enhanced processing power and performance optimized algorithm enables faster calculations
  • Optimized scroll behavior for mobile access
  • Bundling of JavaScript plugins for faster site loading

Minor improvements:

  • Optimized HTML5 semantic
  • Several graphical updates
  • Addition of sharing buttons for social media

Thank you for using Prot pi…


About Prot pi

Prot pi is the official administrator of the blog and the entire site. All posts of this author are in some way related to the functionality of Prot pi or the administration of Blog pi.

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Anina Thurnheer
3. June 2015 17:28

Hello Roland

I found a little bug in the mass calculations. If a peptide has two glycosylation sites and i want to place to different glycan species on each of them, it calculates a mass that matches the protein part plus twotimes the same glycan species.
But all the rest is fantastic (;