Fast ultra-high resolution mass spectrum simulation with Prot pi version 2.1

Version 2.1 of the Protein Tool comes with a completely new software architecture. Even ultra-high resolution (up to 1’000’000) mass spectra of large proteins can now be simulated within sub-seconds. To get the mass spectrum, Prot pi calculates the accurate isotopic distribution using isotope-frequencies and mass defects of the chemical elements. Also the overall calculation time is significantly reduced. The calculation of isoelectric point, molecular mass and UV-absorption are done within milliseconds.

New features

  • Completely new software architecture of Protein Tool
  • Ultra-fast through a new algorithms
  • Editable modifications


About Prot pi

Prot pi is the official administrator of the blog and the entire site. All posts of this author are in some way related to the functionality of Prot pi or the administration of Blog pi.

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